Aiquity is an analytics platform for VCs and startups.

Aiquity is currently used by VCs to predict game-changing startups. We are now in public beta with hot startups like yours, helping them fundraise faster using AI and analytics.

Aiquity is a next-generation, data-driven venture firm that uses AI and machine learning-based technologies to identify early-stage opportunities in partnership with leading accelerators and investors, worldwide.

AIquity is indispensable for early stage startups:

Deal Flow Analysis
Deal Sourcing
Investor Bias Detection
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Our inception score is the credit score of startups

With over 12 months of research conducted at NYU, we have developed a patent-pending machine learning algorithm that predicts the success of founders and their ability to execute. Think of it as the credit score of startups; the likelihood that this team will be able to execute on their idea and navigate through market and business model changes early in the life of the startup.


Extensive feature set + proprietary machine learning algorithm

We first build an extensive feature-set on founders, from our data partners and public sources; their work experience, background and we use artificial intelligence to generate more than 50 personality attributes from their digital footprint. Because the standard machine learning fails with such a feature set, we use our patent-pending machine learning algorithm on this dataset to generate the Inception Scoreā„¢.

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