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Aiquity has been helping angel investor groups and venture capital funds collaborate with promising startups.

— Business angel groups

Aiquity manages the investment processes of business angels around the world.

— Venture funds

Venture funds use the Aiquity platform to organize and manage work on projects.

— Programs for companies

Universities, business accelerators and incubators use the Aiquity platform, including it in their entrepreneurship programs.

Designed to meet your needs.

Aiquity offers the necessary angel investors, venture funds and programs for companies to work successfully. Regardless of whether you are a group of business angels, syndicating a project, a venture fund that is considering a major investment, or a program for companies whose task is to bring together the best investors and talented entrepreneurs, Aiquity will provide you with a secure collaboration.

Project Negotiation

Send messages directly, receive e-mail notifications and keep a discussion log so that all participants can be kept informed.

Project Tracking

Simple organization and tracking of projects from the same page using work tools.

Project Evaluation

Aiquity platform allows you to easily view new projects and track investor interest.

Project Submission

Invite non-members of your organization to evaluate the project, give advice or join the project.

Easy setup

Aiquity platform offers tools and support that allow you to easily and quickly import member data and set account parameters.

Easy to use

Aiquity platform is designed to manage the flow of projects. It is easy to use, intuitive and flexible. Get results with less effort.

Dedicated Support

With dedicated customer support and help guides we will ensure you get up to speed quickly.

Incorporation & Equity Management

Aiquity Launch takes founders further with incorporation, equity management, legal partnerships and more to help people start and grow high-growth companies. Developed alongside seasoned investors and startup legal experts, Aiquity Launch provides services necessary to keep everything accurate, coordinated and investor-ready.


Incorporation & Formation
Online Cap Table Management & Stock Issuances
Expense Tracking Tools


Founder IP Agreements
SAFEs and Convertible Notes
AWS Credits & More Partner Discounts


Equity Incentive Plan
Employee Stock Options
Revenue & Payroll Accounting

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